MH - DEfensive PROtection Munich

We put great stress on prevention!


In the preliminary stage, MH DEfensive PROtection offers its clients intense safety consultation including all questions of prevention, defence and solution.

MH DEfensive PROtection provides hidden and visible executive protection for diplomats, people in leading positions and in the public eye and their families - worldwide.

After a detailed analysis of existing protective measures and possible risks a further analysis and advisory service follow. We determine whether additional steps for a risk reduction are necessary, for instance armed bodyguards, electric surveillance systems and even armoured vehicles, if clients want them. We put great stress on prevention!

MH DEfensive PROtection employs only highly qualified, trained and registered protective agents. Our staff goes in for close combat training and their know-how is constantly updated.

MH - DEfensive PROtection Munich

Executive protection and family security

One effect of globalisation is that many people in exposed positions such as politicians, executives, managers, media experts, artists or sportsmen attract all the attention of printed media, TV and the public and thus are faced with a higher risk potential.

MH DEfensive PROtection offers them adequate, sophisticated and extensive measures of protection.

MH DEfensive PROtection works out a customized and prudent security concept for private people and their families - even for children. This concept provides a high level of security for everyday life as well as for work in a very unobtrusive way.

A risk assessment is conducted prior to designing and implementing the perfect, proper protective measures with the necessary technical equipment.

Prevention is better than intervention. Confidence is the basis for our mission.

MH - DEfensive PROtection Munich

Protection of diplomats

The protection and security of diplomats ask for specific methods depending on the behaviour patterns of foreign diplomatic services.

MH DEfensive PROtection knows these patterns. Our staff is well-trained, tested hard and up to all situations. They have gathered a lot of multinational experiences in various countries and therefore work in a professional, careful and thoughtful way in every cultural, political and religious area. They are highly disciplined and continuously trained for their missions.

MH - DEfensive PROtection Munich

Preventive security measures for conferences, events and film sets

Organizers of corporate events, shareholders' meetings and special events which normally take place only once and in a different area, often rely on discreet, calm and good-working security agents to identify and prevent possible safety risks of a location and then work out a system of countermeasures, access and responsibility control on the behalf of clients, their guests and property.

The best solution starts with MH DEfensive PROtection in the organisation team. Our qualified staff assists in planning and preparing the event by providing their approved know-how and input to make sure that it will be a big success. Thus, we guarantee that both host and organizer needn't worry about the general safety before, during and after the event and they can fully concentrate themselves on the well-being of the guests and on the smooth course of the event.

MH DEfensive PROtection has already assumed such tasks for governmental authorities and the Foreign Service, at corporate general meetings and events of the entertainment industry. And we were responsible for special events.

MH - DEfensive PROtection Munich

Escort service as a special protection in high-risk countries

MH DEfensive PROtection executes the complete organisation of your security abroad. We care for the appropriate means of transport and accommodation and we plan your stay and return journey within a broad security scope.

MH - DEfensive PROtection Munich

Individual escort protection of material assets

We do not compromise with the transport of your valuables, values or Items.

MH DEfensive PROtection specializes in the discreet transportation of your valuables and other prized assets.

For discreet and inconspicuous transportation to a secure destination using an agent in uniform in an armored vehicle is not always the best way to proceed.

Group transportations are totally excluded by our company. This guarantees the complete safety of any assets you assign to us. MH DEfensive PROtection guarantees that from the Point of Departure (POD) to your Final Destination (FD) there will no stopovers. These measures allow us to guarantee a highly secure logistic chain which reduces a risk of loss to almost nil.

We use armed guards and multifunctional bullet proof vans to carry your valuables in accordance with the risk analysis of your insurance. The rules laid by your insurance are crucial for any decision on how the transportation must be performed and your insurance policy and its wording will be decisive in securing the best security for the transportation of your valued assets.

MH DEfensive PROtection assures all of its clients of a discreet and successful execution of every single transportation. We work with bullet proof vests and standard civilian clothes with protected regular vehicles which will not betray our activity.

In addition, MH DEfensive PROtection can source and place a security officer at your disposal if you wish to travel with your possessions.

Good manners are a huge priority with us as they form the basis for a trustful relationship.

MH - DEfensive PROtection Munich

Investigation and surveillance

MH DEfensive PROtection supports you in the following cases:

  • hidden enquiries and reconnaissance
  • pre-inquiries before staff decision plus checking reputation / record
  • provision of information for very important business decisions and information of public interest
  • provision of information in the preliminary stages of amalgamation or at the beginning of new business connections
  • residence tracing at home and abroad